Shriner Magazine Spring 2023

Honoring History, Looking Ahead


Shriners come from every place and all walks of life.

A Special Milestone ON JUNE 6, 1876 , the fraternity’s Imperial Council was founded. To honor this historic event, Shriners International celebrates June 6 as Shriners International Awareness Day.

One thing nobles all have in common is a delight in telling others about our fraternity and philanthropy. Shriners International Awareness Day, marked annually on June 6, offers a perfect opportunity for nobles to spread the word about the fun, fellowship and philanthropy that comes with being a Shriner. Shriners International Awareness Day celebrations include a pride in the fraternity and a goal of increasing membership. If you aren’t sure what your temple is doing, check with your Potentate or membership chair. Maybe they need your help!

What You Can Do:

Tell your neighbors , friends and colleagues about the fun and fellowship you enjoy as a Shriner. Wear your fez , when appropriate. Display our logo on your hat, shirt, lapel pin or other apparel.

Shriners Legacy Month Shriners International Legacy Month, celebrated in June, is a time to celebrate nobles who make their fraternal membership a family tradition – welcoming grandfathers, fathers, sons, uncles and nephews, in-laws and others who have multiple Shriners within the same family. It’s an opportunity for temples to promote membership and honor their Legacy members. The fraternity's Legacy Program offers several opportunities for special recognition for registered members. Once registered, each Legacy may request his recognition certificate through his temple office and visit the Member Center online to purchase a special Legacy lapel pin. June is a wonderful month to celebrate your membership as a Shriner!

Invite a Master Mason to become a Shriner.

Organize or participate in events at your temple, in your community or online.

Reflect on what the fraternity means to you.

To learn more : Scan the QR code or visit shrinersinternational. org/en/member-center/membership/legacy . To register : visit the Member Center on .

For consideration in a future issue of Shriner Magazine , let us know how your temple celebrates Shriners International Awareness Day. Send an email to . TELL YOUR STORY


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