patient-reported OUTCOMES (PROS)

Over the past five years, Shriners Hospitals for Children has succeeded in restructuring the clinical encounter by gathering patient-reported outcomes (PRO) questionnaires in order to obtain information from our patients on what is most meaningful to their quality of life. SHC had been collecting this information from patients and their families at the beginning of their clinic visit through the use of iPads. In 2020, SHC implemented new technology which allows patients to answer these questionnaires via text or email in advance of their upcoming visit. The ability to collect this important information in advance of the visit has been beneficial to both patients and their families, physicians and clinical staff, and the organization as whole. Some of the benefits we have seen include: • Amount of time to complete the questionnaires has been reduced to 3-4 minutes, instead of 5-7 minutes when taken onsite. • Reduced burden on staff administering questionnaires, cleaning, and maintaining iPads. • Cost savings as fewer iPads and related supplies need to be purchased.

Overall compliance rates

In Clinic • December 2020 ~ 76% • January 2021 ~ 78% • February 2021 ~ 82%

Email • December 2020 ~16% • January 2021 ~ 40% • February 2021 ~ 33%

SMS/Text • December 2020 ~ 50% • January 2021~ 52% • February 2021 ~ 37%

The information gathered from patients’ on their physical and social health are heavily used by physicians to link clinical variables with health-related quality of life. Since this initiative began in December 2016, we have collected over 178,000 questionnaires, making us one of the largest repositories of Pediatric PRO data. This information provides crucial patient information to clinicians that is obtained outside of the traditional hospital/clinic environment, supports patient and provider interaction and helps promote health literacy in our patients and their families. We are improving patient outcomes while delivering more personalized care.


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